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Early Years

Welcome to Reception!

Our teachers are Mrs Bridge and Miss Stokes.
Our Nursery Nurses are Mrs Taylor and Miss Hanlon.



Thank you to parents and grandparents for coming to the ‘Stay and Play’ morning. We hope you enjoyed exploring the classroom and pirate activities with the children. It was great seeing everyone together!

We enjoyed it so much we are having another ‘Stay and Play’ morning on Friday 20th July from drop off untill 9.30am where you can come in, explore the activities and also look at their learning journeys!

Stay and Play morning

Thank you to everyone who made it to our Phonics Workshop, we hope you found it really useful! For those who couldn't make it, we hope you found the handout informative. If you have any questions then please come in and ask, we're happy to help!
Below is the video of how to pronounce the sounds and links to useful websites for games or information.

Term 5: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Mini-beasts!

Minibeasts: What we did

We started the term with a bug hunt and found lots of different mini-beasts! 

We learnt about the different mini-beasts we found and painted our own on pebbles. We also had a visit from some African Land Snails and Leaf insects, which a parent very kindly brought in to show. We found out what they like to eat and how to look after them.
We learnt the story of 'the very hungry caterpillar' and learnt the life cycle of a caterpillar and frog. We made our own patterned caterpillars and symmetrical butterflies.
We also used natural materials in our number work and explored capacity. We explored magnets on our investigation station and explored what materials are attracted to magnets and what materials are not. 

Term 4: Once Upon a Time

Term 3 - All Around The World. We're off to explore different parts of the world!

All Around the World - What we did!

We first explored the Arctic and Antarctic. We learnt the story 'Lost and Found' and found out where penguins live. We also had to free the animals from the ice and retold 'Lost and Found' in the snowdough!
Next we explored Africa. Miss Hartigan told us about her trip to Gambia. We learnt that their school and playground looks different to ours. We also learnt that they like to dance and dance with masks to celebrate. We made our own African masks!
We read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and tasted the fruit from the story. We tried pineapple, banana, passion fruit, avocado, tangerine, mango and orange. Pineapple was the most popular!
After that we explored Argentina. Adriana (Nahuel's Mum) came in to talk about Argentina, her native country. She taught us Spanish and told us an old legend behind their special tea (Yerba Mate tea), which we then all tasted!
We then learned about the different countries our families are from. We looked at their flags and where they are on the globe. We celebrated what a diverse class we are!
We had fun using the equipment on the big playground while our Quad is being developed. Whilst out there we discovered an enormous toothbrush! This sparked lots of imagination for making up our own stories of where it had come from.
Lastly we explored China and learnt about Chinese New Year. We learnt the story behind the zodiac animals and did our own dragon dance! We also got to taste noodles and ate using chopsticks!


We have taken lots of pictures along the way which you can see below:

Term 2 - Let's Celebrate! There's so many wonderful celebrations to enjoy this time of year.

Term 2 - Celebrations: What we did!

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