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Together we Thrive

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our teachers are Miss Brown and Miss Jawed

Here are some useful phonics websites.

Term 6

WoW!!! It's the final term of year 1. We have lots to do in this term too. We are going to find out all about Great Britain. Best of all, we will be baking cookies!! Yay!

Term 5 has come and gone in the blink of an eye! We had lots of fun and did loads of learning. Check us out!

Term 5

It's another term and we have lots to do! This term we will be learning all about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I, we will be investigating different materials, discovering the difference between capacity and volume, creating rhyming couplets and so much more!!! Keep reading and writing with your children - they are working really hard.

Term 4 has been a  fabulous term! Just look at everything we have done!

Term 4

It's another short term with lots of learning and loads of fun to be had! It's all about Opposites this term. There will be lots on light & dark and hot & cold. There will also be a big push on reading. Have a look at what the next 6 weeks hold.

It seems like we blinked and term 3 was over. What an incredible term!! Look at all the fun we had!!!

Term 3

We have lots to do and only 5 weeks to do it! It's all about Zany Zoo Animals, weather, position and direction and much much more. Have a look at what we will learn in term 3.

We have had an amazing second term in Year 1. Look at all the great things we did!

Term 2

We will be doing all kinds of fun things in Term 2. We will start by learning instructions to catch a  dragon, finding out all about Guy Fawkes and even creating heros with super senses! Have a look at what we will learn in term 2.

We have had a fabulous first term in Year 1.

Just look at all the amazing things we have done!

Year 1 Term 1


Amazing photos from our trip to The Botanical Gardens!



We created trees!




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