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I’ll do my best to be the best I can

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Wheatley CE Primary School

I’ll do my best to be the best I can


Maths is an integral and important part of everyday life. We aim to provide children with the opportunities to develop and use their maths skills confidently and independently. We do this by providing opportunities for problem solving, logical thinking and by developing an awareness of number and shape through practical activities, as well as by teaching numeracy skills. There is a daily maths lesson, but maths is cross curricular, so is often practised in other curriculum areas too. Mondays are designated ‘Mad Maths Mondays’ when the Maths lessons are of a problem solving/deepening/mastery/game type - designed to focus the children and enable them to enjoy, use and apply their knowledge as well as practise specific problem solving approaches, such as draw a diagram or table or use trial and error.



Top Marks

Excellent online resources, games to play online and most are tablet friendly


Woodland Resources Maths Zone

Several fun interactive activities to help improve mental maths skills



Practice all your tables, create a free account and earn your diploma!



BBC Bitesize

Activities, tests and notes for primary school children studying number, shapes space and measure and handling data


Maths Frame

Games that are designed around the curriculum, that are simple to understand, and that can be easily differentiated


Primary Maths Games Arena

Primary Games Arena is the largest resource of Primary School games in the universe.





Free online education resources and games



Maths for Kids

Learning mathematics for  10 and 11 year olds: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems


Maths Board Games

A superb free collection of board, counter and dice games, including how to play instructions, equipment needed and coloured layouts. These are ideal for printing out in colour and laminating, making a long lasting resource.

You can find out more about the National Curriculum by clicking here