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Computing systems and networks

Computing systems and networks

Children will be able to:

  • look at what a computer is, and how its constituent parts function together as a whole
  • understand how networks can be used to retrieve and share information, and how they come with associated risks


Year 1/2

Technology around us

Recognising technology in school and using it responsibly.

Information technology around us

Identifying IT and how its responsible use improves our world in school and beyond.

Year 3/4

Connecting computers

Identifying that digital devices have inputs, processes, and outputs, and how devices can be connected to make networks.

The internet

Recognising the internet as a network of networks including the WWW, and why we should evaluate online content.

Year 5/6

Sharing information

Identifying and exploring how information is shared between digital systems.

Internet communication

Recognising how the WWW can be used to communicate and be searched to find information.