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Creating media

Creating media

Children will be able to:

  • select and create a range of media including text, images, sounds, and video
  • compare and evaluate media creation using technology, to that done by hand
  • understand the activities involved in planning, creating, and evaluating computing


Year 1/2

Digital painting

Choosing appropriate tools in a program to create art, and making comparisons with working non-digitally

Digital photography

Capturing and changing digital photographs for different purposes.

Digital writing

Using a computer to create and format text, before comparing to writing non-digitally.

Making music

Using a computer as a tool to explore rhythms and melodies, before creating a musical composition.

Year 3/4



Capturing and editing

digital still images to

produce a stop-frame

animation that

tells a story.

Audio editing

Capturing and editing

audio to produce a

podcast, ensuring

that copyright

is considered.

Desktop publishing

Creating documents

by modifying text,

images, and page

layouts for a

specified purpose.

Photo editing

Manipulating digital images, and reflecting on the impact of changes and whether the required purpose is fulfilled.

Year 5/6

Video editing

Planning, capturing, and editing video to produce a short film.

Webpage creation

Designing and creating webpages, giving consideration to copyright, aesthetics, and navigation.

Vector drawing

Creating images in a drawing program by using layers and groups of objects.

3D modelling

Planning, developing, and evaluating 3D computer models of physical objects.