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Wheatley CE Primary School and Acorns Nursery
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Handwriting at Wheatley



At Wheatley, the importance of children being able to write legibly, fluently and at a reasonable speed is recognised. With these skills, children have a much greater chance of being able to reach and demonstrate their true potential throughout their school careers and in their lives beyond school.

3 Golden Handwriting Rules

Teachers make sure that children are concentrating on ‘the 3 ‘Ps’ during handwriting sessions. 

These are:

  • Paper: The paper children write on should be angled slightly away from the writing hand.
  • Posture: Sitting up straight, both feet on the floor, adequate desk space. 
  • Pencil grip: Tripod grip is the most efficient way of holding a pencil (held lightly between thumb and forefinger, about 3cm from the point with the middle finger providing additional support).

Handwriting across the curriculum

Our systematic approach ensures development in the skill of handwriting throughout each year group. Children take pride in their written work and achieve proficiency. Outcomes in children’s wider curriculum work, as well as in their literacy books and school displays, evidences the progress children make in this area.


Assessing Handwriting

Throughout the writing process, children are encouraged to assess their handwriting. The expectation for a high standard of handwriting is communicated prior to writing tasks. When explicitly indicated in the children’s success criteria, this is an aspect of the outcome which is reviewed and assessed by each child on completion of the task. Neat presentation is always recognised and praised by the class teacher and children are encouraged to review their handwriting as part of the writing process. 

  • Is the handwriting generally legible and pleasant? 
  • Are letters being shaped correctly? 
  • Are joins being made correctly?
  • Are spaces between letters, words and lines correct? 
  • Is writing size appropriate?


Pen License

In Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2, children write using a pencil. Children progress to using a handwriting pen over the course of their final academic year at Wheatley, preparing them for the transition to secondary school. The rate of transition from pencil to pen will be determined by the class teacher, on an individual-basis and in consultation with each pupil.