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Wheatley CE Primary School and Acorns Nursery
Together we Thrive

Early Years learning

At Acorns we meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework  for 2-4 year olds and follow the Development Matters guidance.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is about how children learn as well as what they learn. The characteristics of effective learning provide an important framework for how children learn. There are three elements:

1.Playing and exploring

2. Active learning

3. Creating and thinking critically


The EYFS curriculum itself is organised into 7 areas of learning.

1. Communication and Language

Language is the foundation of children's thinking and learning and therefore we place a strong emphasis on supporting children to develop their communication and language skills. Quality interactions and a language rich environment are central to our provision.

2. Personal, social and emotional development

This area of learning provides the underpinning for children to go on and lead happy and healthy lives, building and sustaining positive relationships and secure attachments and understanding their own and the emotions of others.

3. Physical Development

This area is vital to their all round development covering all fine and gross motor experiences, sensory exploration, balance, strength and co-ordination, both indoors and outdoors.

4. Literacy

The starting point for developing a life long love of reading - enjoying stories, poems, rhymes and songs, establishing the foundations for language comprehension and word reading.

5. Mathematics

Introducing an interest and strong grounding in number and spatial reasoning through counting, exploration of numbers, shapes and patterns.

6. Understanding the world

This area increases their knowledge of and ability to make sense of the world around them, their local community and beyond. An early introduction to social, cultural, technological and environmental diversity with regular opportunities for vocabulary extension.

7. Expressive arts and design

This area promotes creativity and imagination, giving children varied opportunities to engage with the arts, explore a range of materials and media and develop their self-expression.